About the Arroyo Grande Chickens & Roosters

For longer than anyone can remember, there have been chickens and roosters wandering loose around the quaint Village of Arroyo Grande.

"If a rooster gets rowdy and tries to attack visitors, we have to take care of the problem," said the city employee who did not want to give her name, but was willing to discuss what she knew. She said that roosters are welcomed in town, but they have to act nice with guests. They are not allowed to terrorize, attack or challenge you to a dual for sidewalk rights, as written by BeachCalifornia.com.

As you wander the village in search of roosters, you'll notice them everywhere. They are down by the creek, in the back parking lot of the storefronts, and occassionally crossing the street. You'll notice the "Chickens Crossing" signs throughout the village. They DO have the right of way. Cars will stop and wait for the cocks of the walks to slowly stroll across the busy streets.

At nearly every boutique, home furnishings or antiques store are tributes to the roosters and chickens from everything from cards, hand painted artwork, to kitchen towles and antique porceline trinkets to take home as souvenirs.

If you'd like to visit these adorable and proud birds who seem to own Arroyo Grande, just head to the Swinging Bridge next to the public parking lot behind Branch Street. You won't be sorry.

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